Melhill Vineyards

Since moving to California 15 years ago —

We have become true California wine lovers. Our fondness for the best Burgundies expanded into a lasting love affair with Chardonnays and Pinots. Once we decided to create our own label, we knew we had to source exclusively from the best small vineyards with unparalleled terroir, the ones that generate the most exquisite and sought after fruit. We are true believers when it comes to creating the perfect moment to enjoy and savor, and we believe the effort pays off in every glass.

Our logo is based on a vintage wooden barrel stay that hangs at our home in Brentwood, California, just below the very first grape vines we ever planted. It speaks to the authentic nature of things, to our appreciation for lasting quality and purpose. A circle is a symbol of inclusion, and it's in that spirit that we invite you to experience Melhill Wines for yourself.

So raise your glass with us, we are the embodiment of American wine!

— Jeff and Thérése Lotman